Sandwich Steak

Cheesesteaks are Awesome…

Everyone loves cheesesteaks.  They are a great product line to carry for any sandwich shop, steak shop, restaurant, deli, diner, etc.

Charles Ritter Inc. is a manufacturer of pre-portioned sandwich steaks for use in making cheesesteaks.

We offer a selection of Beef, Chicken, and Sausage sandwich steaks portions available at different marination levels and portion sizes.

Our Pre-portioned sandwich steaks are available from distributors nationwide at a variety of price points.  For more information, please contact us.


Sandwich Steak Portions Available
  1. Beef Steak
  2. Chicken Steak
  3. Sausage
  4. Philadelphia’s Finest Steak


To see how an authentic Philly cheesesteak is crafted, watch   How It’s Made.